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When To Fit Important Meetings Into Your Day - Malene Jorgensen

When To Fit Important Meetings Into Your Day

When clients used to set up meetings, I used to shudder a bit. The thought of having an important call during the day with my toddler son screaming his head off in the background pretending to be a dinosaur wasn’t exactly how I wanted to come across. I mean, who wanted to hire me if they felt that I couldn’t concentrate because I had a child pulling my hair, crawling all over me, and trying to get my attention – for hours.

These days, I’m honest about my situation. Whenever clients reach out to me, I often tell them that I work from home and that I have two kids with me. But I also make sure to mention that they aren’t home with me all the time and that I do have dedicated work days when my oldest is in preschool.

Plus, during those “sales” meetings, I make sure to mention that I often work at night after the kids have gone to bed and on the weekends to make sure that I put time and effort into my work. I’m proud of what I do, and I want my clients to feel the same about my work. At the end of the day, I’ve never missed a deadline and I’ve been praised for my work, including managing to meet tight deadlines with the kids at home. And I still manage to make time for them.

So, even though I may have a toddler dinosaur crawling around on my floor or a newborn trying to feed during an important meeting, I still want my clients to know that I can do the same work that a full-time employee can do. All I ask for is one chance. But at the same time, if they don’t want to give me that chance, then it isn’t the right fit. After a decade of working in my field, I let my work and experience speak for itself.

How do you fit important meetings into your day with kids at home? Share your thoughts and advice below in the comments section.

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