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We Need to Talk About Miscarriage: My Story of Loss, Grief, Acceptance, and Fertility Treatments

We Need to Talk About Miscarriage - Malene Jorgensen

Miscarriage is common and yet, it’s a topic we can’t really figure out how to talk about. It’s tough, it’s emotional, and it’s something that tears at the heartstrings. And yet, it’s so important that we do talk about it. In 2018, Malene Jorgensen suffered three consecutive miscarriages that landed her in the top 1% of women, who go through miscarriages.

It was then that she started a journey to figure out what had gone wrong and why she couldn’t carry a pregnancy to term, despite having a healthy toddler at home. This book is a powerful and honest book, where she outlines her own stories, as well as the stories of women who suffered fatal outcomes due to miscarriages. This is a must-read book for anyone who is struggling with the loss of a pregnancy.