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Using A Calendar To Stay Focused And On Track With Your Goals - Malene Jorgensen

Using A Calendar To Stay Focused And On Track With Your Goals

I often reply with “my calendar” when people ask me how I stay organized. Throughout the day, I have to be flexible. One child may have a fever or a sudden onset of diarrhea. Or maybe he’s going through a sudden phase of separation anxiety. One day could be completely fine, but the next may be stressful or downright useless when it comes to working.

I’m old school in the fact that I have to physically write things down. The idea of a digital calendar simply doesn’t work for me. I’ve been in the tech space for so long that I know things will get deleted, will be compromised, or will be hacked. And I simply don’t have the brain capacity to remember everything anymore.

The¬†calendar changes every year and I admit, sometimes I’ve spent upwards of $200 to find the perfect one. I’ll buy a few calendars, try them out, and then finally settle on one. I used the remaining calendars as notebooks or as brainstorming notebooks. The calendar I have now is a $10 one from Indigo, one I bought on clearance. I do like the 18-month calendars because those provide me with extra space to plan things out or brainstorm some ideas.

I really don’t like calendars that have lots of space, because I never really fill it out. And if there’s a lot of white space, I feel like I’m not being useful. I aim for those designs where I have a whole week on two pages with three days on one page and four on the second space. I also go for the full-size calendars.

I make sure to document any important meetings or deadlines in my calendar, but I primarily use the space to outline daily goals and to-do lists. I do those lists the day or two before because things change frequently. Sometimes, I do it while I have my morning coffee. For obvious reasons, my lists are longer on the days where my toddler son is in preschool. They are a bit more flexible when he’s at home.

By creating these lists, you can stay focused on what you need to do and make smaller steps towards reaching your goals, no matter how big or small they may be. Make sure you check them off, cross them out or highlight the things you have already done, so you can track your accomplishments.

How do you use a calendar? Share your thoughts and advice below in the comments section.

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