How to Start an Internet Business: 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit

Do you think there is an entrepreneur inside of you? Do you want to work remotely and be in full control of your online business? More people are jumping into online ventures.

“How to Start an Internet Business: 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit” is your guide to conquering the internet. With a good idea, these 7 ways can provide you with a business model that could become the next big internet sensation. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild!

More and more people are choosing to start home-based companies using the internet as a sales funnel. Some people find success, while other people give up. But if you have a good idea and you don’t mind hard work, you could become the next internet success. But having a strong business model is key for success. And this book will introduce you to 7 different ways of running an online business.

I understand the need to have an online business and using the internet. I was there once – ready to take the leap!

Book Description: “How to Start an Internet Business – 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion Into Profit” is a straight-forward guide for business owners, entrepreneurs or people with a passion or an idea that need a little inspiration to move forward. This book is also Malene’s debut book for small business owners; it is one that packs lots of useful information into hundreds of pages without causing confusion for those who have little-to-no experience in the technology and internet industry. This book is different from many other books on the topic, because it shows in detail how to set up your e-business in terms of websites, advertising, e-tail stores, merchandise, and products. This book is ideal for people who have an idea or area of expertise; it is written for those who need the extra push to get started in the e-business world.

The book will introduce you to 7 different ways to start an e-business. The days of link spamming are over. The popular topic of niche blogging is covered in this book as well, including how to profit from it. The book will also introduce you to several techniques to improve your brand awareness for your readers online. Screenshots from the internet and a comprehensive business plan are included to help along the way.

“How to Start an Internet Business: 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion Into Profit” is ideal for people with an idea; chefs, do-it-yourselfers, web designers, crafters, business owners, entrepreneurs, fashion lovers, beauty experts, nature experts, trained legal and medical professionals — or anyone who wants to take the leap to become an entrepreneur.

What’s Covered in the Book?

  • Extensive blogging tutorial
  • Introducing to revenue streams
  • How to sell information and products online
  • How to run a business via affiliates
  • How to make audio and video a product

What You Can Accomplish After

  • Create a business model that suits your vision
  • Establish strong income streams
  • Combine various models to grow your business
  • Be able to profit from your online community
  • Create a solid business plan for possible funding