How to Start a Home Decor Blog: Profiting From Your Decor Ideas

Are you often fluffing up pillows and buying small accessories to make a house a home? Do you love exploring interior designs and sharing your thoughts on a website? Or do you have a dream of running a full-time interior design blog?

“How to Start a Home Decor Blog: Profiting From Your Decor Ideas” was written to help you turn your passion for interior design into a profitable design blog. This book is designed to help brand new bloggers out and will cover the entire journey from idea to monetization and marketing.

When you have a designer in you, it is hard to ignore it. You have that little voice that tells you that you need a vase on this shelf or a blue pillow in that chair. But what’s holding you back? You don’t know how to navigate a blog, let alone the internet. Sure, you could go with a free website, but you don’t want that. You want a professional website where you can have a creative outlet.

There isn’t a big disconnect between interior design, home decor, and blogging; I’ll show you how it all works!

Book Description: Are you a lover of all things home decor? Do you dream about blogging about the newest in furniture, wacky designs and textiles that define your home’s personality? This book has been designed to help you start a blog and create income streams, so you can start making some money off your passion. The interior design industry is growing thanks to e-commerce and people’s decisions to browse around on the internet for ideas have created hundreds of opportunities. And this is where you could be a powerful player.

“How to Start a Home Decor Blog: Profiting from Your Decor Ideas” gives bloggers plenty of tools to get started and provides a detailed business plan for those who may have ideas of their own. This book will teach you how to make money from a product-based industry and show you how to publish your own books on the subject, creating even more income opportunities.

What’s Covered in the Book?

  • WordPress tutorial
  • SEO, Google and understanding the internet
  • Creating a design niche that will attract readers
  • Monetization methods
  • Tools to create your own design products

What You Can Accomplish After

  • Fully run your own WordPress design blog
  • Be able to narrow your topic for bigger success
  • Create content that Google wants to share
  • Know how to focus in on monetization methods that work
  • Get tools and resources to design your own products