How to Start a Food Blog: Taking Your Food Ideas to the Next Level

Have you been sharing recipes and pictures of food on your free blog but haven’t seen much return? Are you eager to be a food blogger on a professional level?

“How to Start a Food Blog: Taking Your Food Ideas to the Next Level” has been written to help those who want to get serious about food blogging. The book covers technical topics, legalities of content, and even provides you with a few marketing ideas. This is the ultimate recipe book for professional food bloggers!

Throughout the years, I’ve met many food bloggers who just wanted to share a piece of delicious pie – or slice of heaven – with readers. A major problem? Getting the readers to the site. With a growing number of blogs, I understood their frustrations. This book is designed to help those who love a good dessert conquer the technical side of blogging to find ultimate blogging success.

I’ve met so many bloggers, who just wanted to share their creative – and hungry – side on the internet. And I just knew I had to help with a food blog book!

Book Description: Entering the blogging world can be a terrifying venture. It is important that you have the right tools and resources with you as you go. This book has been designed to help those who are eager to start a career with food in the online space. This book has been designed to teach people about the importance of websites, search engines, blogging etiquette, product development, sales and social media marketing. The book has also been written to help the new blogger with business expansion in the online space.

Blogging about food can be challenging, because of the quality associated with recipes. This book helps new online writers with the common challenges of running an online business, such as keyword placement, recipe structure and being accepted by major search engines, such as Google and Bing. Finding success comes down to implementing effective strategies, planning the niche direction of the blog and writing quality content. Get started on the right foot with this book.

What’s Covered in the Book?

  • WordPress tutorial
  • Understanding SEO for recipes
  • Creating a niche that will attract readers
  • Monetization methods
  • Growing the food blog into a brand

What You Can Accomplish After

  • Fully run your own WordPress food blog
  • Create a niche blog with growth potential
  • Navigate your SEO strategies to suit food content
  • Pinpoint monetization methods that work for you
  • Expand the food blog into an online business