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Explore my services below. I have four major areas that I focus on, but I’m often asked to do custom work – as long as it somewhat falls under these four areas. If you inquire about a service I do not do, I’ll let you know via email.

To get started with these services, reach out via email with as many details as you can possibly give. The prices are non-negotiable.

If you have any questions, reach out here. For details about new services, follow me on Instagram at @thesocialcontentcompany.

Social Media Content

Social posts for various social platforms

Social media is an active world, where businesses thrive, connect, educate, and sell! But creating a profile isn’t enough. You have to show up, share content, serve your audience, gather information, and pitch your products or services at the right time to make a sale. It’s never enough to simply create your profile and leave it stale.

Some of the most successful social media profiles show up daily, they serve their audience and they don’t focus on selling. Instead, they spend their time building a ‘know, like, and trust factor’, which only comes with time and providing great content.

But let’s face it – you are busy running your business, managing employees, serving customers, developing new products and services, and everything in between. Logging into social media and serving your audience isn’t on your agenda.

Let me help you serve your audience and turn your leads from stone cold to hot and ready to buy.

Explore the packages below and contact me to get started with your new social media strategy!

Common networks:

The Predictable Package
$100 USDper month
  • Show up as predicted every month
  • 4-6 posts per month
  • Posts for all social platforms
  • Stock images
  • 1 revision
The Premium Package
$350 USDper month
  • Show up daily on social media
  • 20-30 posts per month
  • Posts for all social platforms
  • Stock images and/or personal photos with text overlays and logos
  • 2 revision

Lead Nurturing and Email Marketing

Emails, Newsletters, and Funnels for Lead Nurturing

You are running your business and you know the concept of cold leads and warm leads. However, you don’t always have the time in your business to serve your cold leads and get them excited about your business, your products or services, and what you generally have to offer.

Enter: lead nurturing and email marketing.

In short, lead nurturing essentially means nurturing your leads and taking care of them so they become loyal followers and paying clients. One way to do this is email marketing.

Let’s be honest – you are so busy as an entrepreneur and you don’t have time during the day to take care of your leads. Email marketing allows you to automate this process, so you can serve your leads while focusing on your business tasks.

That’s where I come in. I write emails that we can put into an automated sequence to serve your leads and give them everything they need to warm up to your business without you having to step away from your business.

It’s a win-win-win!

Explore the packages below and contact me to get started with your new lead nurturing strategy today!

Monthly Newsletter
$75 USDper month
  • 1 newsletter per month
  • Graphics included
  • Personal branding
  • Effective CTAs
The Full Package
$400 USDper month
  • A weekly newsletter*
  • Funnel emails*
  • Lead nurturing after lead captures*
  • Graphics included
  • Personal branding
  • Effective CTAs
  • *Max 20 emails/month

Articles and Content

Highly optimized SEO content to grow and market your business

Online marketing comes in many forms, but blogging has to take the cake! You may have heard that “Content is King!” I couldn’t agree more.

Content serves many purposes if you do it right. You serve your audience, you can use it to turn cold leads warm, and you can use the articles to market your business on social media and more! In other words, an article has to be strategic, evergreen, and serve your audience in every way possible.

Your article must also be search engine optimized, meaning people can find your content in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Every search engine has algorithms that can either hinder you or benefit you. Enter me – I understand algorithm changes, and I’ve written strategic blog posts for over a decade!

Explore the packages below and contact me to get started with your content strategy today!

The Monthly Post
$100 USDper month
  • 1 article per month
  • SEO-optimized
  • Link-optimized
  • CTAs
  • Branded
  • Business voice
The SEO Game-Changer
$600 USDper month
  • 10 article per month
  • SEO-optimized
  • Link-optimized
  • CTAs
  • Branded
  • Business voice


Websites, Marketing Materials, Metadata and more…

Copywriting is an important part of any online business. The written word plays a role in many aspects of your business, including on social media, your website, your SEO, your website’s metadata, and your marketing materials – just to name a few.

Your copywriting is the tool that connects you to your ideal audience. Your copywriter needs to understand how to speak a sales language without being too ‘salesy.’ It’s a fine line, where words can educate, persuade, and serve – all while turning your cold leads warm.

Copywriting is also super important on your website, including blog posts and in terms of SEO. You can have a website, but if it hasn’t been optimized for search engines with SEO strategies and the right keywords, no one can find your website. And if your website can’t be found, what’s the point?

Let’s have a chat about your copywriting needs! Contact me to get started with your copywriting projects today!

**prices are based on a per-word rate. The current rate is $0.13 USD per word.

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