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How to Self-Publish Your Book: The Ultimate Guide to ISBNs, and Sales

How to Self-Publish Your Book: The Ultimate Guide to ISBNs, Print and Worldwide Sales

Is your book still sitting on your computer in a Word document? Are you excited about sharing your book with the world, but want to do it right? Do you want to align yourself with other professionals, who offer their books in print and digital formats with major distributors?

“How to Self-Publish Your Book: The Ultimate Guide to ISBNs, Print and Worldwide Sales” is the ultimate guide for you! This book has been designed to help you publish your book – taking it from a Word document to an actual book in both printed and digital formats! In addition, the book can be listed with major distributors, such as Apple and Barnes & Noble!

I understand the desire to publish a book and share it with the world. I understand the need to have control over your printed book. There is nothing worse than working your behind off on a book and having someone else take control of your creation. You want to control it and you want to keep the legal rights. I understand these desires because I was there a few years ago.

I understand because I was there once – with a Word document on my computer and a big dream! Now, it’s time to self-publish your book.

Book Description: Self-publishing is a growing industry that has tripled during a seven-year period, starting in 2007. With the easy access to online platforms, such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes and iBooks, writers have great opportunities when it comes to sharing and selling their books.

The internet has made it easy for writers to share their knowledge with the world, generate sales using online sellers and even building an empire with a single book. Traditional publishing used to dominate the book world, but self-publishers have been aggressive in getting their works on the market without the contractual support of bigger publishing houses. And now, you can write a book and sell it to the world.

This book has been designed to help those with a book-publishing dream. This is the book you need to get your book on the market, to sell your book directly to your customers and to get worldwide distribution.

What’s Covered in the Book?

  • Tips to write your book
  • Legal information about ISBN and how to obtain one
  • Formatting your book to suit tablets
  • Where and how to publish
  • Growing a marketing plan

What You Can Accomplish After

  • Self-publish your book internationally
  • Understand the legalities of self-publishing
  • Know how to self-publish with a few dollars
  • Be listed with major sellers
  • Know how to brand yourself as an author