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Social Media Content

You may have heard it before – content is king but social media content doesn’t convert. And yes, I agree that the content you put out is the most important thing when it comes to marketing your business. I will also agree that social media content doesn’t convert as much as other methods, including email marketing.

So, why bother with social media and posting regularly on social profiles?

For one, your social media serves an important purpose. Whenever you post something, you are educating your audience. You are telling them something about you and your business. You are building your know, like, and trust factor.

Second, every post you share on your social profiles helps you with search engine optimization and discoverability.

And third, whenever someone searches for your business to see if you are present and active, you are telling them that, yes – you are open for business!

I offer social media development, meaning I help you create consistent and branded content for your business. I help provide engagement and shares, which is something social platforms truly enjoy. Over time, you’ll start to see more engagement and interaction with your leads.

If you want examples of my social media posts, you can explore this website or head over to my blog at The Social Coach Blog. You can also visit my social media profiles. There are links in the header of this website.

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