Email Funnels

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Email Funnels

Email funnels are guided and well-thought-out funnels that are done via email to prospective leads. Your leads don’t receive these emails unless they ask or inquire about it, and they often have to sign-up using a sign-up form to ensure you follow all legal aspects of email marketing.

These funnels can be simple and they can be complex. But they all have one thing in common – they serve leads to make them go from cold to hot, and they eventually pitch a product or a service as an upsell.

However, there are many ways these funnels can be created and with segmentation, you can divide your leads into various funnels to truly serve them on a niche level. These kinds of setups can take time and effort to set up and you may need to get information from your ICAs to learn what they want.

Here’s what I can help you achieve:

  • Plan our your funnels to ensure you are serving your leads and educating them to ensure they stay engaged and excited about what you have to offer
  • Craft the required emails to get them through the funnels
  • Create opt-ins to ensure people sign up for one or more funnels

If you want examples of my email funnels, head over to my blog at The Social Coach Blog. Here, I blog about different strategies for email funnels and discuss how you can get started today.

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