Content Marketing Database

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Entrepreneurs, Agencies

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Brand awareness, serving leads, converting new readers

Content Marketing Database

When I create content for a business, including my own, I like to create a content marketing database that I can continuously refer to as my business grows. A content marketing database is a collection of your articles you’ve written on your company’s website and your social media posts that have performed well and gotten increased engagement.

When you market your business using content, it’s not about creating new content every time. After months or even years of blogging, you’ll have a database of marketing materials you can use and reuse to create new social media posts. You can also share the content again and again on your social media accounts, scheduling things out so you don’t have to be glued to your computer all the time.

I highly recommend clients to start creating a content database, so you always have content to market to prospective leads. And what’s where I come in.

Whenever I’m hired to write blog posts for clients, I always integrate a plan for that particular business to have a long-term strategy for content. I also detail what posts we can create to ensure all marketing bases are covered, so they can continue to focus on what they really enjoy in their businesses.

If you want examples of my content marketing, you can explore my social media accounts or head over to my blog at The Social Coach Blog. Here, I create blog posts that play an important role in my content marketing plan.

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