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Blogging for Relationship-Building

When you think about blogging, you may think of someone doing it as a hobby or someone writing articles online once in a while when they have time. And if you think about your competitors, they aren’t spending their time developing a blog on their website

But that’s where you’ll shine.

You see, blogging can do wonders for your business, even if you don’t have a digital element to your business. You see, people go online to search for solutions to their problems and people often do some research on a business before they choose to commit. They explore websites, social media profiles, and read reviews from previous customers.

Your blog posts on your website serve many purposes, but there are two major reasons I want you to consider for your business.

  • Serving your audience: When you write an article, you should be strategic about your topic. Think about what your audience would be searching for and how your business can help. By giving them what you are looking for, you are developing relationships with your leads, educating your audience, and serving them instead of selling. Plus, you get your business on their radar. The best thing is that you can continue to use the articles as marketing materials for your business.
  • Search engine optimization: A standard website has between 5 and 7 pages, including services, products, and contact pages. A business website with a blog can have as many as a hundred or more pages, depending on how often you blog. That means there is a bigger chance of you getting found online. The more articles you have, the better the chance your leads will discover your business.

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