My portfolio began in 2009 and continues to grow in 2020. It covers 10+ years of experience creating unique and search-engine friendly content for major websites pulling in over 10+ million readers per month. Recently, the portfolio has expanded to include smaller companies and entrepreneurs.

Branded Instagram Feed

Social Media Content

Quarterly Social Planning

Lead Nurturing

Email Funnels

Content Marketing Database

Blogging For Relationship-Building

Social SEO

Website Copywriter

Portfolio Disclaimers

Please note that this portfolio also includes custom work. On my Services page, you’ll find my services with prices. However, with copywriting and digital marketing, projects often include thinking outside of the box. That means I’ve been hired to do everything from email funnels to lead nurturing and newsletters. I’ve also been hired to do quarterly planning and batch-working for companies, including B2B and B2C customers.

Portfolio does not include published books.

If you have an idea and want to pitch it, email me at info@malenejorgensen.com. Please note that while I can assist in website consulting and help provide feedback with effective website layouts and designs, including branding, I do not offer website design services. Website consulting is done for site owners using WordPress. Website consulting is done on an hourly basis. When reaching out for this particular service, please include your domain for consideration.

Speaking services are not included in this portfolio. Please reach out for more details about speaking services, as I do keynote speeches about entrepreneurship, blogging, and women in business. 

The clients below are current and past clients, who have received services included in this portfolio. However, I have not clarified what services these clients have ordered out of privacy and respect for them, as I value their business and respect their strategic planning. Reach out with any questions if you have any.

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Contact me directly regarding new projects, ideas, packages, and long-term work.