How to Self-Publish Your Book


Book. How to Self-Publish Your Book: The Ultimate Guide to ISBNs, Print and Worldwide Sales Self-publishing is a growing industry that has tripled during a seven-year period, starting in 2007. With the easy access to online platforms, such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes, and iBooks, writers have great opportunities when it comes [...]

How to Start a Food Blog


Book. How to Start a Food Blog: Taking Your Food Ideas to the Next Level Entering the blogging world can be a terrifying venture. It is important that you have the right tools and resources with you as you go. This book has been designed to help those who are eager to [...]

How to Build a Successful Website


Book. How to Build a Successful Website: Making a Connection with Readers This book is a rewritten version of Malene Jorgensen's Master's thesis paper, "Individual, Psychological and Interactional: An Examination of Credibility of Corporate Banking Websites from a Psychological Perspective." The book discusses interviews and research conducted by Jorgensen during her time [...]

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