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Making Time For The Children Throughout The Day - Malene Jorgensen

Making Time For The Children Throughout The Day

One of the biggest challenges in working from home with kids is¬†making time for everything you want to do. When you’re an entrepreneur, you often make lists of everything you would like to get done. I’m like that too. I have daily lists and some days, they are done before lunch and other times, I’m finding myself in front of the computer after the kids are in bed to wrap things up.

Making time is simply a challenge that you probably won’t be able to conquer. In fact, you’ll probably find that this challenge is one that you’ll face often, possibly even daily. And while you want to make time for your work, making time for the children can be a big challenge.

When you have a newborn, it can be easy to work around his or her schedule. They really do eat, sleep, and poop. However, it’s harder with a toddler. Toddlers need more attention, more playtime with friends (or mommy), and help. My son, who is almost 3, needs help with everything. He needs my help making Play-Doh creatures, he needs help with snacks and food, he needs help when he gets stuck climbing the couch. You name it, I’m needed.

What I’ve found works the best is making time for him by giving him bursts of undivided attention. I will sit down and play with him, make puzzles, or cuddle him as we watch a cartoon. He also enjoys if I sit and work at the same table where he’s coloring or painting. Those little attention bursts provide him with enough “mommy” for me to get periods of time, where I can focus.

Because I still want to give him as much attention as possible, I do try to save lengthier meetings or phone calls for days where he is in pre-school or with my mom, who stops by to take him to the park once in a while. There’s no need to have a meeting with a client if I have a toddler screaming in the background. It’s just better for everyone.

How do you make time for your children if you’re working from home? Share your thoughts and advice below in the comments section.

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