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Do You Set New Year's Resolutions For Business? - Malene Jorgensen

Do You Set New Year’s Resolutions For Business?

It’s January 1 once again and it’s time to set New Year’s resolutions if you follow that tradition. I used to follow it, setting resolutions on January 1. But I admit that I have never ever followed a resolution through the year. I usually drop it before January is over or at some point throughout the year when that resolution simply doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. I’m just like 99% of the population.

And that goes for my business too. I think it’s because resolutions seem like things we really don’t want to do but are forcing ourselves to do because we think it will be best for us. Think weight loss, better at cleaning, being better parents, and so forth. It should really be things we look forward to changing about ourselves. That’s why I’ve scratched the whole idea of resolutions for my business because – well, I don’t want to NOT do something for my business but force myself to do it.

That’s why I’m now doing goals. I have a friend, who is a visual person. She does everything with watercolors, painting, pictures and much more. That’s why I tried doing a vision board for one year. I found photos that really represented where I want to be in a year. It was very motivating for me to have a visual of where I wanted to be. When I got off-track, I just looked at the photos and reminded myself of where I wanted to be.

This year for 2020, I have big goals for both of my podcasts and websites. I also have the goal of making time for the kids throughout the day, even if it means sacrificing my nights to work on the projects that would have been ideal to work on during the day. As I’ve mentioned before, my kids are my biggest priority and they always come first. Everything else will come after – but that doesn’t mean I can’t make goals, outlines, and work towards something much bigger than myself.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2002? Share your thoughts and advice below in the comments section.

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