All of my companies offer something different and unique. Some are B2B and others are B2C. Some are open to the public and others are booked full. I like to dapple in different structures and ventures. Because of my experience and years starting new companies, I’ve been featured in various news outlets, been nominated for entrepreneur awards, and won several public speaking awards. Read more about my businesses below.

Featured In

One Door Press is a publishing house. It was created in a one-bedroom apartment just outside of Toronto back in 2009. At the time, it wasn’t known as a publishing house for paperback and digital books. Rather, it was a content publishing company, where I worked with other online businesses to provide content for online content and SERPs rankings. However, in 2012, I chose to add paperback and digital books to the business and started to ease out of the content creation. At the time, I was the Vice President of the Professional Writer’s Association of Canada. Now, the company has several published books in its portfolio in several genres. The company also works with several national and international book distributors and retailers.

Book Sellers

Jorgensen Media Group is a company I started in 2015. As my work in the SEO world continued, I started to venture into domain ownership, portfolios, and creating blogs from scratch with the intention to resell at a later date. In this company, I’ve created and sold a few blogs and websites after being fully optimized for SERPs. It is also in this company that I handle on-hand client work with bigger contracts, including senior consulting work.

Awards, Recognitions, and Certifications

Wrotelio is a company I started to combine my two passions – traditional book publishing and digital marketing. It is an online magazine that helps authors market their books and generate more sales. It launched in 2021 during the coronavirus pandemic and it’s rooted in SEO, proper SERPs, digital advertising, and aspiring writers.