We Need to Talk About Miscarriage - Malene Jorgensen

We Need to Talk About Miscarriage: My Story of Loss, Grief, Acceptance, and Fertility Treatments 

Miscarriage is common and yet, it’s a topic we can’t really figure out how to talk about. It’s tough, it’s emotional, and it’s something that tears at the heartstrings. And yet, it’s so important that we do talk about it. In 2018, Malene Jorgensen suffered three consecutive miscarriages that landed her in the top 1% of women, who go through miscarriages.

It was then that she started a journey to figure out what had gone wrong and why she couldn’t carry a pregnancy to term, despite having a healthy toddler at home. This book is a powerful and honest book, where she outlines her own stories, as well as the stories of women who suffered fatal outcomes due to miscarriages. This is a must-read book for anyone who is struggling with the loss of a pregnancy.

How to Self-Publishing Your Book - Malene Jorgensen

How to Self-Publish Your Book: The Ultimate Guide to ISBNs, Print and Worldwide Sales

Self-publishing is a growing industry that has tripled during a seven-year period, starting in 2007. With the easy access to online platforms, such as Amazon and Apple’s iTunes, and iBooks, writers have great opportunities when it comes to sharing and selling their books.

The internet has made it easy for writers to share their knowledge with the world, generate sales using online sellers, and even build an empire with a single book. Write more books, market more books, and sell more books.

How to Start a Food Blog - Malene Jorgensen

How to Start a Food Blog: Taking Your Food Ideas to the Next Level

Entering the blogging world can be a terrifying venture. It is important that you have the right tools and resources with you as you go. This book has been designed to help those who are eager to start a career with food in the online space.

This book has been designed to teach people about the importance of websites, search engines, blogging etiquette, product development, sales, and social media marketing. The book has also been written to help the new blogger with business expansion in the online space.

How to Start a Home Decor Blog - Malene Jorgensen

How to Start a Home Decor Blog: Profiting From Your Decor Ideas

Are you a lover of all things home decor? Do you dream about blogging about the newest in furniture, wacky designs, and textiles that define your home’s personality? This book has been designed to help you start a blog and create income streams, so you can start making some money off your passion.

The interior design industry is growing thanks to e-commerce and people’s decisions to browse around on the internet for ideas have created hundreds of opportunities. And this is where you could be a powerful player.

How to build a successful website

How to Build a Successful Website: Making a Connection with Readers

This book is a rewritten version of Malene Jorgensen’s Master’s thesis paper, “Individual, Psychological and Interactional: An Examination of Credibility of Corporate Banking Websites from a Psychological Perspective.”

The book discusses interviews and research conducted by Jorgensen during her time at the University of Copenhagen when she was researching what people found to be credible elements on corporate banking websites. This is one of several mass-market books.

How to Start a Beauty Blog - Malene Jorgensen

How to Start a Beauty Blog: Building a Beauty Empire Online

The beauty industry is a massive one that grows every year. It pulls in millions of dollars and beauty bloggers are working hard to get a piece of the pie. “How to Start a Beauty Blog: Building a Beauty Empire Online” gives bloggers tons of tools to get started with a strong platform online.

Beauty blogging is very different from other subject matters, because of the focus on tutorials, product reviews, and red carpet events. Beauty isn’t so much about sharing thoughts – it is about teaching and educating others.

social media marketing strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies: B2C vs. B2B for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Social media marketing is a growing phenomenon. Some believe that social media marketing is all about being on popular social networks and promoting the heck out of a business. Others believe that it requires much planning and skill to really reach those individuals, who are part of the target audience. This book was inspired by a conversation about social media marketing in regards to B2C and B2B companies.

The conversation focused on differences between B2C and B2B marketing – if such differences existed. And thus began a period of extensive research to see what worked, what didn’t work, and how people were finding success online on social networking sites.

How to Become a Fashion Writer - Malene Jorgensen

How to Become a Fashion Writer: Taking Your Writing to the Runway

“How to Become a Fashion Writer” is the ideal book for those who want to learn how fashion bloggers are making careers out of online writing and how they are paying the bills. The fashion industry has been such a foreign industry for many.

I spent a couple of years documenting the newest fashions at various Fashion Week events, so I thought I would pay it forward to those who strive to make money, writing about fashion and be a part of the intriguing fashion industry.

How to Start an Internet Business - Malene Jorgensen

How to Start an Internet Business: 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion into Profit

“How to Start an Internet Business – 7 Ways to Turn Your Passion Into Profit” is a straightforward guide for business owners, entrepreneurs or people with a passion or an idea that needs a little inspiration to move forward.

This book is also Malene’s debut book for small business owners; it is one that packs lots of useful information into hundreds of pages without causing confusion for those who have little-to-no experience in the technology and internet industry. It is available on Amazon.

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