Award-Winning Public Speaker

As a speaker, I’ve been asked to do all kinds of speeches and workshops. Throughout my career as a freelancer, entrepreneur, and as a woman in business, I’ve done several speeches, keynotes, workshops, and co-presentations. Here are some of the topics I’ve been asked to cover in the past as a professional speaker.

  • Blogging: Talks on blogging have included an introduction to the valuable content, a thorough discussion of keywords, and SEO (search engine optimization). Speeches have also included branding tips, strategies to reach blogging goals, and debunking common blogging myths.
  • Book Publishing: Talks on book publishing and self-publishing have included discussions on distribution, book marketing and the legal aspects of publishing. Speeches cover ISBN, e-books and print books. Sales tactics have also been discussed.
  • Online Business Development: Online business development talks have included growing blogs from a mere diary-structured website into full-time website ventures. Strategies have included product development and integrating advertising. Product-based talks also include e-commerce tips and marketing.
  • Web and Product Planning: E-commerce is growing and bloggers want to expand their brands. Speeches include web planning, web optimization, product planning and ideas, downloadable products, passive income strategies and taking the products to market
  • Content Strategy: Content is king, but the content wouldn’t be as valuable without a strategy. Speaker keynotes include discussions on content creation, SEO, advertising campaigns, social media marketing, and traffic growth. Additional strategies for product growth have also been included
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram – and the list continues. Social media marketing speeches include introductions to marketing strategies, online communications, social campaigns, and sales.
  • Women in New Businesses: These speeches target stay-at-home mothers and women starting online companies. Talks like these have included online marketing, balancing home and work, product development and introducing various website companies that could help grow companies and ideas

Public speaking used to be something that terrified me. In school, I was always the one who would look down when the teacher asked a question. “Don’t pick me. Don’t pick me.” And maybe they sensed that my face was turning red just by the thought of being asked because they always picked me. But then after I had graduated with my Master’s Degree, I attended a job fair. Since I wasn’t interested in the jobs or companies there, I went to listen to some of the speakers, who had been scheduled to speak. One of the speakers changed my life.

A few years into running my successful businesses, people started asking me to speak at conferences, events, and literary festivals. And the answer was always a quick “no.” I was reminded of those school days, where I couldn’t even answer a question. But then one person pushed me into Toastmasters and one day, I won a speaking award. And that’s when a whole new brand of the business was born.

“I saw Malene speak at the Canadian University Press western conference about how to build a website. With her slick presentation and well-thought out points, she highlighted all the important aspects of building a professional site, sending me home with ideas for improvements to my own site.”

-Ashleigh Mattern

“Malene Jorgensen immediately gives the impression that she is both vastly knowledgeable and excited to help you improve your own writing. She conveys a sense of fellowship in her manner of speaking that demonstrates her expertise and allows for the best of your own talents to flourish. She truly treats you as a writing peer.”

-Samuel Rafuse

“We heard Malene speak a couple of months ago and at the time, had no real intention to self-publish as the whole thing seemed way too complicated. Her talk inspired us to take the plunge and go the self-publishing route as Malene made it seem so much more do-able that we had thought. She gave us lots of good advice and information about great resources to get us started and already, we are well on our way to getting published.”

-Duncan and Nicole Pringle

“Malene presented on the ins and outs of the freelance business to our group of student journalists who are either already freelancing or about to begin. Her notes on how to market, brand and promote your work were invaluable to me as I went about designing my personal website.”

E.K. Hudson

“As a self-published author, I am always looking for tips and tricks to navigate my way through the maze of requirements and suggested solutions to my publishing problems. Malene’s workshop was thorough and informative. She is an engaging speaker and has a very complete start to finish walkthrough of the self-publishing process. I would commend her workshop highly.”

-Dennis Maione

Speaker Package For “We Need To Talk About Miscarriage: My Story of Loss, Grief, Acceptance, and Fertility Treatments”

Miscarriage. It’s something we don’t think will happen to us. So, when it does, it completely changes us. When we tried to get pregnant with our second child, we ran into some issues. We had no problem getting pregnant, but we couldn’t sustain the pregnancies. BEfore long, we had miscarried three times and we were put in the 1% of couples who miscarry concurrently. To deal with the guilt, sadness, and everything else that comes with losing three pregnancies, my fertility doctor asked me to write a book about my experiences. And this book is the result of that task.

In this book, I cover my three miscarriages and my two successful pregnancies. But most importantly, I talk about the feelings, emotions, and guilt you go through after miscarriages with the goal of making the topic something we can talk about as women.

As a speaker, I can offer this book to the audience as part of the speaker fee.

Speaker Package For “The Boss and The Babies: Balancing Motherhood with Entrepreneurship”

In the summer of 2016, I got a positive pregnancy test. Like so many people, I was excited. I made a slew of phone calls, jumped around and made my husband come home from work. But the next day – reality hit. I was a business owner and entrepreneur, but now I had to figure out a way to make it all work. And I kept hearing: “women can’t have it all” – all being a happy relationship, a baby, a career, and a functioning family. It took some planning and reworking. This keynote is all about having it all on your terms.

The key lessons the audience will take away from this keynote include preparing for a baby before the arrival, managing your business while you are recovering from the birth, using content to keep your business thriving while you care for the baby, and how to slowly get back on track with being a working mom – or work-at-home mom. The book also includes transitioning from one child to two.

As a speaker, I can offer this book to the audience as part of the speaker fee.

Speaker Package For “Remembering Your Awesome Self After Having Kids: Finding Yourself and Your Worth after Becoming A Mother”

We change as women when we have children. We become more caring, more emotional, and a lot less selfish. And as our hearts are exploding with love, we are slowly putting ourselves on the backburner. Now that I’m a mom of two kids, I’ve known for a while that it’s important to remember ourselves. Our roles as moms are exciting, inexplicable, and thrilling, but they are also tiring, draining, and for some women, depressive. I decided to write “REmembering Your Awesome Self After Having Kids: Finding Yourself and Your Worth After Becoming A Mother” to remind women that it is quite alright to be selfish despite being a mom.

The book works as a guide to get you back on track, so you can be both a hands-on mom and a confident mom, who knows how to take breaks and do some self-reflection when you need it.

As a speaker, I can offer this book to the audience as part of the speaker fee.