Malene Jorgensen

Digital Marketing Specialist and Social Media Designer.

With 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing space with a heavy focus on written content, social media marketing, and building reader relationships and engagement.

Award-winning speaker and author of 10+ books.

I don’t offer cookie-cutter services. To stand out online, it’s about being original, unique, and thinking out of the box.

I believe that a personal approach is the best way to succeed in digital marketing. You need your approach, your story, and your voice to stand out in a crowded market. There’s no one-way method that works for all, so let your story and voice guide you to your dream customers.

My Resume In Short


Throughout my 10+ year-long career as a copywriter, I’ve worked with the little guy who wants more exposure to his business and the big 10+ million readers per month websites. I’ve worked in the news cycle, B2B, B2C, in beauty, fashion, dental, SEO, technology, and fitness.


I have a Master’s Degree in Language Psychology from 2009 (University of Copenhagen), a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature with Honours from 2007 (University of Windsor), and a diploma in Public Relations from 2018.


I’m a trained public speaker, a Toastmasters participant, and an award-winning speaker.


In 2012, I wrote my first book about starting an internet business. Then, a year later, I added a book about blogging and another about social media marketing. I’ve written over 10 books throughout my career and I have no plans of stopping. My books are available on Amazon in paperback and on iTunes in digital form.

The Extras

I have a good handful of practical certifications and coaching certifications.

About My Work approach

Clear Scope of Work

Packaging Services to Save You Money

Approvals Throughout Every Project

One-Off Communications to Keep Your Customers Top-Priority

Early Delivery and Revisions

Reliable and Accurate Invoicing (Never Hidden Fees or Surprise Added Tax)

Need more details?

Contact me directly regarding new projects, ideas, packages, and long-term work.