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Malene Jorgensen

Malene Jorgensen is an award-nominated entrepreneur, best-selling author, and award-winning public speaker. She started her first company after graduating with her Master’s Degree in 2009 and has since started three companies and written over 10 books. She’s been recognized by major news outlets for her contributions to the tech industry.

Jorgensen started a content company in 2009 and grew it into a full-time business, working with big-scale companies with hundreds of writers. In 2012, Jorgensen wrote her first book about starting an internet business, and she followed the success of her book by starting her own publishing house that same year. In the following years, she added several books to her publishing house, and in 2015, she started her second company, Jorgensen Media Group. This company owns and operates several websites, including client work and portfolios. In 2021, Malene started working on her third company, Wrotelio. Jorgensen’s third company is an online marketing magazine targeting authors and writers.

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Rapid Fire Questions Round From Readers


Write Daily or Weekly?

I write when there’s time, energy and a desire to do something great. Writing is about taking ideas and breathing life into them. There’s a right time and a place. Right now, it’s weekly.

Novels or Non-Fiction?

I love reading both novels and non-fiction books. I’m a big book nerd so my office is filled with all kinds of books. However, I only write marketing and business books for this website. I’ve worked in this space since 2009.

Coffee or Tea?

Oh, good question. I drink coffee daily, but I always enjoy a cup of strawberry tea or a cup of chamomile with honey.

Music or Art?

Both! But I can’t do either of them personally. I used to play the saxophone but that was years ago. As for art, I do have a college diploma in Art Appreciation and while I do appreciate fine arts, I’m no expert. Paint-by-number may be more my jam.

Mac n’ Cheese or Pizza?

Both – but in moderation. I can be critical of both, I definitely love specialties and great quality food. Not a big fan of boxed Mac N’ Cheese or frozen pizzas.

Facebook or Instagram?

While I’m present on both social networks, I definitely spend more time on Instagram. The stories, the content and the profiles are just so much more engaging. You can follow me on Instagram here.

Do you work in the digital space?

Yes, throughout the past decade, I’ve worked with content creation, SEO, the news cycle, Facebook ads, email marketing and much more. Blogging has been at the core of my career.

How many kids do you have?

2 – both boys. I’m a proud boy mama. But you won’t see them around here.

Where do you get your ideas?

I often write the books that I want to read. If I get an idea, I make sure that I can contribute enough to the space and the industry. My first books were about making a career out of blogging, but by 2016, the online course industry had taken over and that’s how people were learning the content. I shifted my focus a bit, putting those how-to books on the shelf.

Happy or Sad?

Always happy, but it’s important to acknowledge the sadness.